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I think a family member is involved with this man.he claims to be employed by the railroad, have his own trucking company, a farm in one of the Carolina's as well as his own church.

he makes many promises in which he does not keep. promies jobs and work to family members then disappears. he used to be in our area alot but not any more since he's been caught in several lies.

he now only keeps in contact with the one female family member and flies her to where ever he is while he is supposedly working on the train.does anyone know his REAL name?????

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What is his real name?How do you know him?

Do you know where he is now? Please contact me at

Have you tried to warn his fiance?She needs to be warned about him!


I am very concerned and alarmed that this may be a person that is in my community. I have heard similar claims related to South Carolina and have an eery feeling that his fiance may be unaware of his past. I am aware of his name and wish to be contacted if anyone has further information that might be helpful

RW Truck - *** Artist Dr.R.W. Lee (R.W Trucking)from South Carolina

Brandon, Mississippi 20 comments

Beware it's a scam and he's a 60 year old conartist.He pretends to be the minister of a church called Greater New Hope in South Carolina (there is no such church) he also claims to own R.W.

Trucking based out of South Carolina - (no such trucking company in South Carolina). Be Aware! He preys on the godly, and job searchng people. He promises that he will hire you with his company, buy you a truck for work which will eventually become yours and use the truck as a tax write off.

He visits churches and promises church buses, vans, and paid expenses for the churches that (they'll never see).

Currently, he asked for $100 saying that he was broke down on the highway and needed some money wired to him. Huh!

he never got that money from my family!Now since he's been exposed as a conartist he won't answer any messages or calls - Go figure!

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San Bruno, California, United States #936761

I met this same guy in Atlanta.I delivered food to a hotel he was staying in, and he ended up asking if I would take his number.

Claimed he worked for Amtrak, even wore the attire, had Sr. Conductor on the shirt. I called this man three days later and he offered to have my car fixed, buy me a new car, and pay my bills. Something told me not to but I did.

I ended up losing my car already paid for because of a 5OOO dollar bill at Toyota from having my car in the shop. he took me to purchase a 2014 dodge charger in which i signed all paperwork and he had it customized and told the people that he called his bank and they will be sending out a cashiers check to them. he even acted like he was on the phone with the people. y'all the man gave account information over the phone to my rental people, the utility company, and my phone company to pay the bills and 3 days later everything bounced.

not to mention he put me in a rental that he had Toyota to give to me.

he had everybody fooled.please be aware

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #859231

If anyone have any information on him hit me up 504-952-7371.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #859192

This *** has struck again please be on the look out for this clown *** conatrist preying on single godly church going women. He has multiple numbers one is a 770 and 704.Got my moms and she has nothing so if you have a lil something watch out ladies


"Rev.RW Kimble" with a 704 area cellphone says is buying a female friend a new car for all the kindness she has shown him.

Wants to fedex the funds for this $60000 car.... But cannot give a credit card,and says forgot the fedex tracking number.

When pressed for his credit as a backup he wanted us to get a "backup contract" to be in the woman's name and credit.She does exist, but says knows the reverend only as someone she met through her customer service job.


This guy ordered four cars for four women

and never paid for any of them.He tried to marry one of them, but stood her up at the altar. We have a surprise for him if he comes back.


contact me at


I have been scamed too.I have his name and address.

something needs to be done......

R.W.Lee Kimble 41267 ShadyOak Trail Tyler, Texas 75712 this is the number i have on him 704-231-3989


i think this is the same man someone in my family is involved with.he claims to be employed by the railroad, has his own trucking company, a farm in one of the Carolina's and his own church.

he likes to promise lots of things then never comes through.

he used to be here a lot now he barely comes to town since we have caught him in several lies.does anyone know his REAL name????


sounds like the guy who promised all kinds of things and never came through,,he was suppose to help the church cover the remaining balance on our new vans.."that never came" , and our church lost alot of money. but that guy was a "kimble" said he was retired from the railroad,if anyone else in the reliegh n.c. area has info on him please respond...

to mark johnson Lumberton, North Carolina, United States #826227

He will b at Lumberton ford at 9am June 12, 2014. Come talk to him . Little birdie

to Little birdie College Park, Georgia, United States #853127

Please Contact ME ASAP!!!!!This same guy Scammed me and my family out of money.He promised to buy my mom a 40,000 CAR AND A 500,000 HOUSE, he even had her do the paperwork for both only to stand her, the dealarship and the realator up.

He claimed he worked for AMTRAK railroad and was dying of stage four cancer.

This guy has to be stopped!!!!please do not hesitate to call me 4046189178


I think someone in my family may have been duped by this guy recently. Please contact me at

to stvthomas Lumberton, North Carolina, United States #826224

Anonymous !!!Everybody he will be at Lumberton ford Thursday morning at 9 am.

Got a lady on the hook now with same ***.Help!!!




is he a black male and does his number start with 704 area code


is this man wanted for anything i think i have run into him, please respond to this email and then I can give you my contact information.please respond



to PLEASE RESPOND Lumberton, North Carolina, United States #826229

Think he is here wilth same bs. Give me your number and let's talk.


Does his phone number end with 7116?

to Tly Lumberton, North Carolina, United States #826228

704 352 7391

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